Working Girl (Filter) In Stock Now

Korg MS-20 filter. Controls are (bottom to top of spine):

Input, Bypass, Control Voltage In, Frequency, Resonance, Volume, Output.

Powered by 9V battery or 9V DC centre-negative power supply.

Beauty. Brains. Charm. Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) has them all. In fact, she's got everything going for her except the right haircut, huge shoulder-pads, and most importantly, a battery-powered Korg filter. It makes everything sound like a heavy 70's synthesizer. Together, they create a deal that could catapult Tess into the big time - THE BIG TIME!!! or finish her off for good. (Spoiler: she gets big time). Featuring a bad Academy Award winning song by Carly Simon, WORKING GIRL is a 'witty', 'romantic' 'tale' of 'life' in the 'corporate' 'jungle'.

Circuit: Korg MS-20 Filter. Built by Pat Kraus. Designed by Korg/Tim Escobedo/Brett Ryan.

What is a Filter?